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Girls Out West is one of those sites that appeals to everyone. It doesn’t matter your stature in life or who you are, you will love this site because it is filled with a variety of girls and a variety of content categories.

For the most part this site is filled with Aussie girls. But not just any Australian girl can make it here. They must be amateurs to be on this site for the most part, though a few professionals do slip in from time to time. There are over 840 girls on the site right now. They add more girls every month. Girls range from portly to petite and have every hair color God put on this great Earth, plus many more that were intended for other species of animal. But don’t let that stop you from experiencing them all!

The idea for was to create a site by girls, for girls. So the members area is chock full of solo girl masturbation videos, lesbian videos (often first time lesbians!) and now they even have some boy/girl videos thrown in for good measure. While this site was made for women I would venture to say that 80% of the membership is men. Probably because we enjoy seeing the girl next door having sex just as much as the ladies do.

Models on this amateur Australian porn site have real orgasms. When they masturbate they are often employing their same favorite techniques they use when they are alone at home. Girls having sex with each other display that same timidness they have when putting down their defenses and experimenting with a girl for the first time.

Is she going to think I’m weird for wanting to kiss her pussy? Will she like how I flick her clit? Will she make me orgasm?

Videos are updated daily and shot in 1080p HD for maximum viewing pleasure. There are over 10 years of archives that include behind the scenes footage, interviews and post-shoot chat among the girls who just did it for the first time in their lives. It gets very intimate!

The videos get re-encoded into a variety of formats and sizes so they will play on just about any device that is capable of playing digital media. Even though the girls are amateurs the videos are of professional quality.

Photos are shot in 3000×2000 and they have ZIPs for faster downloading.

You can download and stream all of the media on the site. There is a 40GB daily download limit. You can bypass this with popular plugins for browsers that allow you to save streaming videos to a file. But 40GB is a lot of video and most people will not hit that limit. Besides, we haven’t even talked about the discount yet!

We have lined up for you a sick discount of $19.50 for life. Most sites are offering a discount on the first month only, but we managed to work out a deal that lasts as long as you stay a member. Doing so shouldn’t be hard considering you will be saving $10 per month!

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